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Aam Aadmi party will pass a powerful anti corruption law, Janlokpal, to remove corruption from our system. Under this law, people will be able to complain directly and imprison corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Today a corruption case gets extended for years in our courts. In this time the corrupt politician is re-elected many times over to loot the nation. Many times accused politicians have died before being declared corrupt by the courts. Janlokpal Act will ensure that investigation of corruption charges and prosecution is done under fast tract conditions within 6 months. If found guilty the corrupt official shall serve appropriate jail time from 1 year to life, depending on the severity of the case, his or her property will be seized and he or she will be dismissed from job.

If our party’s government comes into existence, those found guilty of corruption charges in graft scandals in recent years will be jailed within six months.

When a common man goes to an office, he is asked for a bribe. Under Janlokpal, every function of a government officer, the officer responsible and the time limit within which the work must be completed will be clearly defined. If the concerned officer doesn’t do the work within the stipulated time, Lokpal will penalize such officer, compensate the sufferer and get the work done in 30 days.

JanLokpal 2011 Draft(PDF)


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